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Gridlock 0.3.911a entry/standard/full - 10/02/16
« on: February 09, 2016, 11:03:46 AM »
Changes from 0.3.911:
Re-enabled use of standard Launchpad script in Live
Tweaked the de-activation sequence for Launchpad family in Live
Fixed an issue not allowing config screen to be opened

Changes from 0.3.91:

New button handling code
New group handling code
Internal changes to support drum/melodic sequencer and configurable control types (0.3.92)
Internal changes to support 32 buttons (0.3.92)
Internal changes to support direct Live mapping (0.3.92)
Virtual devices no longer show by default, there is a checkbox to display them
Updated de-activation sequence for Launchpad family to free up additional buttons
Moved primary development to Max 7

Fixed couple of arc display issues
Added scaling factor to push arc implementation controlled by encoder 9

Performance Enhancements
Improved creation speed of each controller instance, particularly when creating multiple instances
HUD grid replaced with new grid - less CPU and faster updates
Number of additional optimisations for resource usage

Added support for Launchpad Pro
Added support for Launchpad MkII
Added support for Push 2
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