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Gridlock 0.3.55a/0.3.91a monome - 13/04/15
« on: March 30, 2015, 10:41:04 AM »
Hello all, I'm happy to announce the availability of Gridlock 0.3.55a and 0.3.91a monome for download

Changes from 0.3.55a:
Fixed issue with text not displaying on Push in Live
Not restoring rotary config properly
Arc enable/disable now available from monome shift config
Other minor fixes

Changes from 0.3.54/0.3.9:

Ableton Live
Added Gridlock_Push remote script
Updates to Gridlock MIDI In/Out devices - now possible to filter by bank number

Lemur 1.6 script adding slider to rotary/XY controls and providing RGB support

New button types:
 2 way, 3 way
 "Has Off" flag added for 2way, 3way, 4way
Dual mode now available for sliders and bends
Double mode now availalbe for sliders, bends and XY

New config screen - allows only required resources to be used. Also improved load times
VSerialOSC apps now autoconnect on loading through Gridlock
Updates VSerialOSC to oct 2014 version - this can be used as a direct replacement for Max 7

Arc now natively supported - encoders can be used to control up to 8 arc controls

Updates to repeater module:
 Can provide "humanise" %age where velocity will be adjusted every now and then
 Can provide "ramp" %age to adjust the velocity by a %age at each repeat

New config screen - more expandable and improved load times
Easier selection and configuration
Copying of instances

Lots of work to reduce resource/memory usage
Humanise added to fixed velocity hits
'Scan' button added for rescanning MIDI devices

Various other fixes/enhancements along the way

Downloads available from
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