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Beta 3 Test Report


HI Lee,

heres my thoughts after a couple of days with b3.

- Holy shit this thing runs so much faster! :)
- The new executable is cleaner and more responsive.
- The consolidated menu for monome/midi etc is a good improvement.
- On the apps I could get to work (Boinng, Polygome) it appeared to work perfectly and I was not getting the laggy lights I was in 3913a full.

- Gridlink not working, no rotation settings available.
- I have 4 x launchpad mini mk2s plugged in, and GL2 only sees 1 x Launchpad and 1 x Launchpad Mk2.  The Launchpad selection works fine, the Mk2 selection connects but the lights and button presses do not work correctly.
- Crashes a lot. In two hours I had 9 crashes, nearly all when trying to change launchpad settings in GL2.

hi, please send feedback to the address, not here. thx


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