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Beta - Non-working monome apps


Please add non-working monome apps to this list as replies - I'll gather them up into a single post

In the Gridlock version of Sum 1.1, MLR does not run.

first let me say I appreciate all your work here very much! I never had problems with older Gridlock versions, all kinds of monome apps and win7. Now I'm on win10 and no app works for me.
Not shure whether its life, new gridlock version or win10. Even it seems that gridlock works no app does anything  :(....

Does it work for you with win10 64bit? What would you say is the most stable app?

I'm on latest ableton and max for life.

Best wishes from Germany


Hi, I'm doing lots of work on win10 with no problems. Can you start a separate topic and provide more details - I want to keep this topic clear for specific apps, not general problems..


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