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Title: Gridlock 0.3.91 standard/full - 13/04/15
Post by: sigabort on April 13, 2015, 06:35:02 PM
Hi all,

Changes from 0.3.9:

All updates to 0.3.54c-d/0.3.9c-d
All updates docmented for 0.3.55 at (

APC40-II support

Ableton Live
Added Gridlock_APC40II remote script

Full colour support for RGB capable controllers (Push/Lemur/APC40II) - Lemur is defaulted currently but will have configuration (0.3.91x)
Colour cycles - these allow buttons to be animated, e.g. glowing effects
6/8 banks added for control types - normal press = banks 1-4, double press = banks 5-6(8)
Full velocity support for controllers with vleocity

Lemur 1.7 script allowing keypad/drumpad selection

1st release of keypad control type (Push style)
1st release of drumpad control type

Increase to 14 apps for full version